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GOLF - Men's North & South Amateur - Final_03JULY22GOLF - Men's North & South Amateur - Semi-Final_02JULY22GOLF - Men's North & South Amateur - Rnd of 8_02JULY22CBB - Sandhills Bogeys v Swepsonville Sweepers_25JUNE22GOLF - 77th U.S. Women's Open - Final Round_05JUNE22GOLF-77th U.S. Women's Open - 3rd Round_04JUNE22GOLF-77th U.S. Women's Open - 2nd Round_03JUNE22GOLF-77th U.S. Women's Open - 1st Round_02JUNE22GOLF-77th U.S. Women's Open - Wednesday Prax_01JUNE22GOLF-77th U.S. Women's Open - Tuesday Prax_31MAY22GOLF-77th U.S. Women's Open - Monday Prax_30MAY22HSSOC-W-1st Rnd-State Championship-Union Pines v Smithfield-Selma_16MAY22HSSOC-W-SAC Championship-Pinecrest v Union Pines_12MAY22HSSOC-W-SAC Tourney 1st Rnd-Union Pines v Scotland_10MAY22HSSOC-W-Pinecrest v Union Pines_05MAY22Sports 2022Sports 2021Sports 2020Sports 2019Sports 2018Sports 2017Sports 2016Sports 2015Sports 2014Sports 2013 and beyond