Angela Wallace(non-registered)
You have an incredible gift - with words, imagery and other digital mediums. You capture mood, lighting, action and color in ways that make your work stand out amongst the best. I am cheering for you in all your pursuits
Sherrain Reber(non-registered)
Man, I’ve been following your work for years. Truly fantastic! Can’t wait to see what you do next!
Miike McLean(non-registered)
Tim is a wonderful person with an amazing ability to capture true story-telling images. He's way beyond a typical photographer as he builds visual concepts and brands with the subjects he captures. I'd totally recommend him for any visual project for all the skills he brings to assignment!
Don McKenzie(non-registered)
What a great experience working with Tim. A “true professional “ and terrific artist.
Tron Ross(non-registered)
Timothy Hale is wonderful at capturing moments. His pictures of Union Pines sports are incredible. His blackout pictures are so creative and special for the seniors and provide memories for a lifetime. He is also very accommodating and cares about highlighting the achievements of student-athletes.
Byron B. 'Marty' Martin(non-registered)
Professional photography is a highly technical artform, and Tim is the consumate artist. He possesses the 'eye' that allows him to visualize dynamic potential in the subject matter before him, transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. His images rise beyond mere two dimensional photos and inspire those who see them through his incredible graphic interpretation. Hard working, intensely dedicated to his craft, he treats each job he takes on as the most important and influential work of his life. It's this attention to detail, grasp of his profession, and application of his advanced skillsets in execution that bestows his works with that touch of 'cut above' his peers.
Tabitha Moses(non-registered)
Tim is a master at capturing those amazing game time moments that you and your athlete will cherish for years!
His ability to bring out personalities in portraits and on the field is a gift that not all photographers possess.
Ted Fitzgerald(non-registered)
Tim Hale is a gifted talent not only in sport’s photography but his skills in location lighting are second to none. I really notice his attention to detail when writing captions. Full of info. He supplies the 4 W’s. Who, what, where and when. Always look forward to seeing his pix.
Felicia Marks(non-registered)
Mr. Hale does not disappoint! His professionalism and quality of work is unmatched. From game day, to black out sessions, to portraits Mr. Hale gets the job done efficiently and with pride in his work! I am always honored when Mr. Hale comes to campus to shoot our athletes. He is the best in the business by a landslide!!
Katie Glover(non-registered)
Tim is definitely an expert at his craft. He is extremely patient and professional. Most importantly, his pictures are fantastic!
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