"Photojournalists capture the raw images of history." - TLH

Hello, I am Timothy Hale, and I have been a photojournalist for more than 40 years. Since 1980, I have developed an unwavering commitment to making "images that matter," which sets my work apart from many photographers in today's market. I strive to go beyond the surface to capture the raw emotions and the human stories.

Based in Southern Pines, N.C., I am an award-winning, veteran-owned, independent photojournalist certified by Nikon Professional Services with newspaper, magazine, and broadcast (television and radio) experience, specializing in news, military, and sports photojournalism.

I have developed an instinct for anticipating and capturing decisive moments. I read the rhythm and energy of each photo assignment, and I thrive on the challenge of capturing those split-second moments that tell a thousand stories.

Explore my portfolio and discover the images that have impacted the subject, their families, friends, and colleagues. I would be honored to collaborate on your next assignment or project. Together, let's create visual narratives that resonate with larger audiences.

Since 1980, my photojournalism images have appeared in commercial newspapers and magazines throughout the U.S., European, and Asian publication markets, including the Wall Street Journal, The Guardian (UK), Time, People, US Weekly, Sports Illustrated, and USA Today. Additional image placements include military publications, online media outlets, and broadcast television shows, including Jimmy Kimmel Live and E! Entertainment Television.

My images have received multiple awards from the Associated Press and state press associations in Georgia, North Carolina, and Virginia.

My military photojournalism awards include three-time Dept. of Defense, four-time U.S. Army, and five-time U.S. Army Reserve Civilian Journalist of the Year.

ZUMA Press represents my national/international freelance images, and I am also a contract photojournalist for The Pilot newspaper and Pinestraw Magazine in Southern Pines.

I have served as an instructor and judge at the Atlanta Photojournalism Seminar (2010), a Georgia College Press Association judge, a National Press Photographer Association (NPPA) quarterly clip judge, a military photojournalism competition judge, U.S. Army Reserve Command MOS 46S Army Public Affairs Mass Communication Specialist instructor/evaluator, and a yearbook mentor for Union Pines High School.

Nikon Professional Services
National Press Photographers Association
North Carolina Press Association

From 1982-1987, I served in the U.S. Air Force as an Intelligence Analyst specializing in strategic, tactical, and ground reconnaissance.

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